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[Blu-Ray]Ieodo Limited Edition

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Special Feature

- Audio Commentary
- Interview
- GV Clip 1
- GV Clip 2
- Before and After Restore
- Image Gallery
- Trailer

Additional information

To advertise the tourist hotel in Jeju Island, Seonwu Hyeon, a general manager of the planning department in a tourist agency, starts a campaign for I Eo Island and sends a tourist ship to investigate whether I Eo Island is in existence. Seonwu Hyeon feels responsible for the death of Cheon Nam-Seok, a report and visits his house in Parang Island. Son Min-Ja, a barmaid, tells him that Cheon has a secret lover and says that she believes Cheon's strange experience after she is told about the last situation of Cheon's missing from Seonwu Hyeon. Then, She asks him to pray for the soul of Cheon at the shrine for the people drawn into I Eo Island.