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[Blu-Ray]Sex is Zero Fullslip Limited Edition (700copies Numbered)

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Special Feature

- Commentary 1 (Director)
- Commentary 2 (Director & Actors)
- Making

Production Presentation (02:21)
Making Film (39:45)
Making Poster A (03:55)
Making Poster B (02:46)
Preview (03:35)

- Interviews (23:04)
- NG Collection (21:48)
- Outtakes (07:24)
- Trailers (04:47)
- TV-Spot (02:16)
- Music Video (03:25)

Additional information

Eun-sik enters college after the military service, which means he is older
than his mates. His senior Seong-guk lured him into joining the "charyeok"
club. Worrying about the late start, Eun-sik aims at passing state exams but
a difficult problem lies in front of him. It is "saek (sex)" which is regarded as
nothing in Buddhism for over thousands of years. Eun-sik gets fond of Eun-
hyo, May Queen of the school. However, though his heart moves towards
Eun-hyo, he fails to establish a closer relationship with Eun-hyo and even
gets treated as a pervert. Since the club was not officially approved, they
don't have a room for practice. With the help of Eun-hyo, "charyeok" club
uses a gymnasium where Eun-hyo usually comes to exercise. It is great
chance for Eun-sik to get closer to Eun-hyo. However, before Eun-sik takes
actions, Eun-hyo falls in love with a handsome guy Sang-u, who goes to the
same university. The fact that Eun-hyo is getting along with Sang-u hurts
Eun-sik badly. Moreover, hot-blooded youngsters around Eun-sik try to
resolve their sexual desires here and there, which made Eun-sik more