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Business types

We do business for retail and wholesale as well. For wholesalers, we have various discount programs set by us manually.
Usually, if the total order amount (item price at once) is over USD 1000.- or if the order quantity (at once) is over 50 EA, then we take it as a wholesale type order. However, if you think that you have enough reasons to get items discounted,

contact us (wholesale@kimchidvd.com). We are flexible to any offers from our partners.

Log-In / Sign-Up

Do I need to log-in into the site to buy the items?

Yes. This measure is to avoid offensive and fraudulent order. Only the orders from the buyer whose contact information is clear will be treated serious.

Which personal information do I need to fill at sign-up process?

You only need to fill your full name, e-mail address, shipping address and phone number. Simply the usual information to purchase items online.


How could I place a order?

The process is easy. What you need to do is selecting items and put them in your Shopping Cart, then doing checkout.
Selecting items: You need to navigate each category by clicking "Categories" menu in the left pane of the site. In the first phase of the category page you will see all items which belong to that category you just are in. You can there click on the link to see description like Video Format, Audio Format, Director, larger image etc. Once you decided to purchase the item click either "Add to Cart" or "Wish List". "Add to Cart"is same as "Buy It Now". By clicking the link, you will be led to the payment process. "Wish List" is to keep the item for later review. If you decided to purchase the items in "Wish List"in the future then you can click the item link anytime so that you buy the item using "Add to Cart" button. The items in "Wish List"will remain there even after you logged out from the site unless you remove them manually.

Checkout: "Checkout"is payment process for the items which you just purchased. Since your order will be closed only if this process is finished, you have to complete the "Checkout"process. Otherwise your order will not be proceeded by us. With "Add to Cart"only will nothing happen.

What is "Pre-Order"?

"Pre-Order" is usually put there if certain item will be released in the near future. If you order and pay those items which cannot be shipped in the regular shipping / handling time, then the chosen items will be held in your shopping cart. If you selected "Pre-Order"-items and added them to shopping cart but logged out without paying, then the items will be removed from your shopping cart.

Note: Release date of "Pre-Order"-items is suggested from the distributors and they could decide to postpone the release date in their own reasons. Thus, we cannot take any responsibilities upon release date of the "Pre-Order"-items. If the "Pre-Order"-item you paid cannot be shipped in near future, then we will notify you and you will get refund after agreeing between both sides.

What is "Out Of Stock"?

It means that the item has been sold out or is out-of-stock, thus shortly not available to buy. Usually, these items are restocked in max. 2 weeks unless it is completely out-of-print.

Can I order items appeared as "Out Of Stock"?

No. In this case, a message "E-Mail me when the item available"will appear in the description. You can notify us by sending e-mail that you will purchase the item if it¡¯s available again. We will give you a message as soon as it¡¯s restocked. This process is not an "Order"but just a messaging.

What is "Trailed Order/Trailed Shipping/Back Order"?

"Trailed Order/Trailed Shipping/Back Order"is a term we use for the unusual shipping type. For example, if you ordered one "in-stock"- item and one "out-of-stock"-item, we will ship the one "in-stock"-item first. (The items in "out-of-stock"-status are usually not to order, but there may be "out-of-stock"-items stay in "in-stock"-status.) After the "out-of-stock"-item is available again, we will ship the restocked item as a "Trail". This is a simple example. It doesn¡¯t have to do only with "out-of-stock"-items but with all cases which we couldn¡¯t ship the complete package in any reasons in. In this case, we will notify you to declare the case and further process. The remained items ("Trail") will be canceled and removed after 30 days automatically.

Should I pay shipping costs again in case of "Tailed Order"?

No! Since you had to pay the total amount for your order in the Checkout process you don¡¯t need to pay again for this "Trailed Order".

Can I cancel my order before shipping?

Partially! It depends on the order status. There are two stages before shipping process: "Payment Completed"and "Order Processing".

"Payment Completed" : The order in "Payment Completed"-status can be canceled by you at any time. In this stage, your payment has been just verified and nothing happened yet.
"Order Processing" : The order in "Order Processing"-status cannot be canceled because we gather items from our distributors and write shipping labels in this second stage. If you want to cancel your order in "Order Processing"please contact us as soon as possible. You can find the order status in your "My Page > Order Status".

Can I cancel my order after shipping?

No! Sorry. In this case, you may need to return the package to us back. (Until we get the package back from you, your payment will be held on our bank account.) You should not open the package and it should be in the original status as we sent it to you. After we get the package back we will contact you for further processing. Note that the return costs must be paid by you in this case.


Which payment method can I choose?

We currently provide WireTransfer through banks, PayPal and CreditCard. You could choose one of the three methods. We don¡¯t accept personal checks via post office.

Which currency do you accept?

We accept US-Dollar for all transaction. However, it doesn¡¯t mean that you have to pay your order in USD only. You can pay items in your currency but you will be charged in USD calculated for the same amount of your currency.

Shipping & Handling

Which shipping methods do you offer?

Basically 2 types of shipping methods are available:

Standard AirMail
EMS (Express Mail Service)
The important difference between two methods is the weight limit of the package which we can ship. Packages below 2kg can be shipped via Standard AirMail. Which one is to recommend depends on your order quantity and on how long you could wait for your package. If you want to get your package within 4 ? 6 business days, then the EMS option should be the choice. EMS has no limit on package weight and it¡¯s the fastest and safest way, but also shipping method with higher costs than Standard AirMail.

For details, see table below:
* in business days (except for Sat., Sun. and holiday)

Countries Shipping Method Delivery Time * Tracking
Asia Standard Air Mail 4 – 8 Stardard AirMail: Tracking
EMS 2 – 4 Not Possible
Australia / Standard Air Mail 7 – 12
New Zealand EMS 4 – 5 EMS:
USA / Canada Standard Air Mail 7 – 15 Tracking Possible
EMS 4 – 5
Europe Standard Air Mail 7 – 15
EMS 4 – 5
India / Standard Air Mail 9 – 16
Middle East /
Near East EMS 4 – 5
Africa / Standard Air Mail 10 – 16
South America EMS 5 – 8

Note: Package over 2kg will not be shipped through Standard Air Mail since Post Office doesn¡¯t accept it. If the total weight (incl. packing materials) of the package exceeds 2kg you may need to select EMS as shipping method.

Shipping charges vary even though with same shipping method. Why?

This is due to the package weight. Most products in our site are 1-disc-items, but sometimes you can find items with more than 1 disc or with booklet or paper out-case etc. Such items are heavier than regular 1-disc-items. Post office charge each package by weight. Thus, the shipping costs may vary. All charges are following charge table of the Korean Post Office (KPS).

Do you ship my items also on weekend if I order on Saturday?

No! Sorry. We ship packages only on business days: From Monday to Friday. Also, we don¡¯t ship on national holiday because post office is closed.

How long would the shipping and handling take?

Items will be packed usually within 24 hours. Handling time will not exceed max. 48 hours. In any reasons, if the handling time takes longer than noticed, we will contact you to agree with the delayed handling/shipping.

How long should I wait for my package?

See the shipping method table above.

Can I track my package after shipping?

See the shipping method table above. If you selected tracking-enabled shipping method, we notify you via e-mail with the tracking number after shipping.

The shipping status tells me that the package has been shipped 20 days ago, but I didn¡¯t get my package. What should I do?

Contact us if you don¡¯t get your package within 20 days from the shipping date. We will take care of the rest as prompt as we get your message.

Product Format

Can I watch the DVDs I purchased from this site with my Region 1 DVD-player?

We currently provide WireTransfer through banks, PayPal and CreditCard. You could choose one of the three methods. We don¡¯t accept personal checks via post office.

Which currency do you accept?

If you see the item description you will find "Regional Code: All". It means that the DVDs can be played in any country using NTSC-format. If certain DVD is specified for a certain region then we mark it as "Regional Code: 3"for example. "Regional Code: 3"is supposed to be played only in the Asian countries like Korea, Japan, Taiwan etc. If you any further question on NTSC/PAL/Regional Code, let us know. We will try to give you answer in 24 hours.

Can I watch the DVDs I purchased from this site with my TV with NTSC?

Yes and you have to watch our DVDs on TV using NTSC.

How about the TV with PAL-signal?

No! You cannot watch our DVDs on PAL-TV. NTSC or PAL doesn¡¯t have to do with Regional Code. Meaning that you cannot watch NTSC-formatted DVDs on your PAL-TV even though the DVD is region-free.

Will it run also in the DVD-Rom of my PC?

Yes if you have installed appropriate codecs on your PC. Not related to which software player you use, you need to install at least two codecs for Audio and Video. Typically MPEG2 for Video and AC3 for Audio. If you have problem on searching/downloading these codecs, contact us.

Refund & Return Policy

Return possible

Package unopened, in original status as we sent it to you. Or at least the original sealing of the item has not been removed. In this case, we could accept your return request. Of course, the refund will not happen until we get the package back from you. The return costs must be paid by you.

Return NOT possible

If you removed the original sealing of the item we cannot accept your return request. However, you could contact us if you have any problem or trouble with the item you purchased. If the reason of your return request is acceptable, we will notify you for next step. Typically, return/refund will happen in case of that the item has been damaged or is defect in original status or has been gone lost on delivery.

In any case, if you want to request us return/refund, please contact us first before you just send the package back. Sending package to us back without agreement may cause denying of your refund request.

Can I get refund of my payment?

Of course! We will try to accept your refund request as possible. However, please understand that we need to test every returned items and it will take time. After we test the returned items, we will decide to refund or not to refund. In both cases, you will get a message from us.

Can I request a return/refund anytime?

No! You have to request return/refund within 7 business days after you received the package.

Should I send the items back to kimchidvd.com to get refund?

Yes! It is a fixed part of whole refund process. Otherwise, we cannot verify the item status which means that we don¡¯t have any reason to react to your refund request.

Security & Privacy

What is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)?

Short for Secure Sockets Layer, a protocol developed by Netscape for transmitting private documents via the Internet. SSL uses a cryptographic system that uses two keys to encrypt data ? a public key known to everyone and a private or secret key known only to the recipient of the message. Both Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer support SSL, and many Web sites use the protocol to obtain confidential user information, such as credit card numbers. By convention, URLs that require an SSL connection start with "https:" instead of "http:".
It's almost a norm for online shopping sites where online payments happen often. We deployed also this SSL to secure your valuable personal information. Your data will be strongly encrypted and protected during communication between kimchidvd.com and you.

Do we offer your personal data to 3rdparty companies?


Do we use your personal data for other purpose else than shipping?


What is Cookie? You stored it in my PC.

We use Cookies which are small sized text information. It will be stored in your PC as you log in into the site. This is irremovable part of our service. It is used only for identifying our registered users and for maintaining shopping cart and order/payment information between visits. You may set your browser to reject the Cookies and still use our site. If you once remove the Cookies then you may need to re-enter your information which usually are obtained from the Cookies. We don¡¯t use the Cookies for any other purpose.


Complaint/Trouble with item or transaction

Whom should I write my complaints to if I have any problem/trouble with the items/transaction?

Mail us simply using: help@kimchidvd.com. We will care each matter seriously from each customer.

Okay, but whom with which subject should I contact at all?

E-mail Subject
help@kimchidvd.com Complaint/Trouble related to items
Tracking/Question regarding shipping
Problems on using site like site error report
Site enhancement suggestions
Item inquiry request
And general issues not related to Billing or Wholesale
order@kimchidvd.com Return request
Refund request
Payment issues
wholesale@kimchidvd.com Wholesale Offer

We always try to react on your input as prompt as possible. Usually, you will get answer within max. 48 hours.

Thank you
Your kimchidvd.com