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[DVD]Walk The Line Definitive Edition

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Special Feature

[ Disc 1 ]

- Commentary with Co-Writer and Director James Mangold : 공동 각본 겸 감독 제임스 맨골드의 음성 해설

[ Disc 2 ]

- Johnny Cash Jukebox: Extended Musical Sequences (With Introduction) : 쟈니 캐시 쥬크 박스 - <앙코르>의 공연부분 중 8곡의 보충 장면 (노래 배경에 대한 음반 제작자, 뮤지션, 배우, 음악잡지 편집자 등의 해설과 함께 감상)
1. Lewis Boogie – 제리 리 루이스 역할의 웨일런 페인 노래
2. Get Rhythm – 쟈니 캐쉬 역할의 호아킨 피닉스 노래
3. You’re My Baby – 로이 오비슨 역할의 조나단 라이스 노래
4. Jukebox Blues – 준 카터 역할의 리스 위더스푼 노래
5. Rock and Roll Ruby - 쟈니 캐쉬 역할의 호아킨 피닉스 노래
6. That’s Alright Mama – 엘비스 프레슬리 역할의 타일러 힐튼 노래
7. Jackson – 쟈니 캐쉬 역할의 호아킨 피닉스와 준 카터 역할의 리스 위더스푼 노래
8. Cocaine Blues - 쟈니 캐쉬 역할의 호아킨 피닉스 노래

- More Man in Black: Deleted Scenes (With Commentary by Co-Writer and Director James Mangold) : 삭제 장면(공동 각본 겸 감독 제임스 맨골드의 음성 해설과 함께 감상)
1. Memphis Street
2. At the Bank

- Becoming Cash/Becoming Carter : 호아킨 피닉스와 리스 위더스푼의 쟈니 캐쉬 & 준 카터 되기
- SUN Records & The Johnny Cash Sound: 선 레코드사 & 쟈니 캐쉬의 사운드
- The Cash Legacy: 쟈니 캐쉬의 유산
- Folsom: Cash and the Comeback: 폴섬 교도소 - 쟈니 캐쉬의 컴백
- Ring of Fire: The Passion of Johnny and June : 링 오브 파이어 - 쟈니 캐쉬와 준 카터의 사랑
- Cash and His Faith: 쟈니 캐쉬와 그의 신념
- Celebrating the Man in Black: The Making of Walk the Line : <앙코르> 영화 제작 과정 다큐멘터리
- Walk the Line Theatrical Trailer: <앙코르> 극장용 예고편"

Additional information

While growing up in the Great Depression era, Johnny Cash takes an interest in music and eventually moves out of his Arkansas town to join the air force in Germany. While there, he buys his first guitar and writes his own music, and proposes to Vivian. When they got married, they settled in Tennessee and with a daughter, he supported the family by being a salesman. He discovers a man who can pursue his dreams and ends up getting a record with the boys. Shortly after that, he was on a short tour, promoting his songs, and meets the already famous and beautiful June Carter. Then as they get on the long-term tours with June, the boys, and Jerry Lee Lewis, they have this unspoken relationship that grows. But when June leaves the tour because of his behavior, he was a drug addict. His marriage was also falling apart, and when he sees June years later at an awards show, he forces June to tour with them again...