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[DVD]Old Partner

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Special Feature

- A to Z Gallery
- Behind Story
- Talk Show
- Original Trailer & Theatrical Trailer
- Original Trailer & Special Trailer

Additional information

Ill be with only you till the day I die! Just stay with me!

The real story of 30-year companionship between a 40-year-old ox and an octogenarian. The Sound of the Cowbell! Neither time nor civilization can go against their companionship.

80 years old, Choi has an old ox that has worked for 30 years, and an ox aged almost 40. However, theres something special about the way Old Choi treats this ox, which is so worn-out that it might be dead any minute. The old man is single-mindedly focused on the ox, instinct-ively turning to the beast when he hears the cowbell even though hes nearly deaf. One spring day, however, Old Choi heard that his ox only has a year to live, which will make big troubles for him.