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[DVD]Jiri Barta: Labyrinth of Darkness

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1. A Ballad About Green Wood
- 11 minutes, color, 1983
Cycles of life, with fantasy elements. An ax splits wood. Bits of split wood move in stop-motion; one piece has a woman's face near the top. Water streams in torrents; patches of snow give way to spring. A large black bird flies into the frame. It attacks and splinters the wood with the woman's face. The piece of wood, whole again, becomes the bird's body. It flies about, and it's celebrated by other bits of wood. Then, a man leaves a house carrying an empty pail. He gathers bits of wood. A chimney smokes.

2. The Club of the Laid Off
- 25 minutes, color, 1989
Laid-off old mannequins spend their cracked and broken lives in an old, abandoned warehouse. New mannequins are brought to the warehouse. They are old as well, but from a younger generation. The two groups must live together, but it's not easy at all.

3. The Design
- 6 minutes, color, , 1981

4. Disc Jockey
- 10 minutes, color, 1980
An alarm clock wakes a man who washes his face, has breakfast, drives his car to work, spins records, returns home, and takes his pills. It's a world of circles - often seen from above: an espresso cup, a stairwell, the pills, and the records spinning. At the dance where the music plays, the rhythms evoke images of a butcher slicing head cheese, gears driving other wheels and levers, a combine churning out bales of hay, a butcher cutting chunks of meat for a stew, and boxers punching. The circle of music and life.

5. The Last Theft
- 21 minutes, color, 1987

6. The Pied Piper of Hamelin
- 55 minutes, color, 1985

7. Riddles For a Candy
- 8 minutes, color, 1978

8. The Vanished World of Gloves
- 16 minutes, color, 1982
Using an array of gloves in different styles and from different historical periods, the film is a short history of the cinema - from silent movies via pastiches of Buñuel and Fellini and Close Encounters of the Third Kind to a futurist junkyard where tin cans become animated police cars in a city of urban decay.