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[DVD]The Blazing Sun

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Special Feature

- Interactive Menus
- Scene Selection

Additional information

Under the Japanese Imperialism, Chun-Ho, dreaming of success in the world, fails after get around the gambling places. Then he begins to live with a prostitute Hyang-Shim hoping much from her uncle. By that time, the village peoble defy against a junior official Lee's arrogance who exploits them. Chun-Ho's dream is broken by its aftermath and he leaves his hometown in search of run away Hyang-Shim. Finally, he finds Hyang-Shim but finding out her supposed uncle is in fact her husband, returns to his wife Sun-Yi. Unexpectedly, his last hope Sun-Yi too is dying. Chun-Ho does his best to revive her, but there is no way but to regret his faults in past to dying Sun-Yi.