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[DVD]Maria and the Inn (1disc)

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  • Publisher : UEK
  • Year : 1997


Special Feature

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Ki-Tae, who is innocent like a child, is representation of ridiculous human being. Under the innocence, atrocious desire lurks and the desire leads him to ruin. While Ki-Wuk is another name of oppressed and calmed desire. They only press their beast-like instinct which is sleeping at the end of abyss under the name of rationality like Dr. Jeykill. Thus at the moment rationality is captured by instinct, everything that supports him is destroyed. Choo Myeong-Ja, the fatal woman who cleverly weighs desire and rationality of human being, succeeds in satisfying her desire teasing two brothers adroitly but she also gets to prepare to drive into catastrophe by another desire. That is her daughter Maria who remembers every thing.