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[Blu-Ray]Friend Lenticular Edition

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Special Feature

Audio Commentary
1: Director’s Commentary
2: Actor & Executive Producer’s Commentary
3: Cinematographer’s Commentary

* Interview
* Behind the story
* Location
* Dialect
* Deleted scenes
* Outtakes
* Marketing
* Theatrical Trailers
* TV Spot

Additional information

Four friends. Two Rivalries. Only one choice. Joon-suk, Dong-su, Sang-taek
and Joong-ho have been friends since they were little boys. Joon-suk is the
son of a mob boss, Dong-su's father is a mortician, Sang-taek comes from
a middleclass family and Jung-ho's mother sells smuggled goods on the
black market. They are inseparable: peeking at dirty magazines together,
splashing around in the ocean, arguing over who is faster--Olympic
swimming medallist Cho Oh-ryun or a sea turtle. As teenage boys, they fight
together, fall for the same girl and form rivalries that will haunt them for the
rest of their lives. Joon-suk is the leader of the gang and he looks after Sang-
taek, the timid bookworm. Dong-su is the brooding rebel and Joong-ho is the
clown. A few years later, Joong-ho and Sang-taek go onto college and
eventually lose touch with Joon-suk and Dong-su. Now in his twenties,
Sang-taek reunites with the drug addicted Joon-suk and hears that Dong-su
is in jail. To his surprise, his first love, Jin-sook is now living with the violent
tempered Joon-suk. Years elapse again and now Joon-suk has inherited his
father's organization while Dong-su has become his biggest rival. Sang-taek
visits them again before taking off to study abroad and cannot help dreading
the outcome for his dearest friends.