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[Blu-Ray]The March Of Fools

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Special Feature

- Commentary
Chung Sung-ill(Film Critic & Director)
Darcy Paquet(Film Critic)
- The sequence of 'As days go by' from the original negative (3 min.)
- Censored clips (3min.)
- Image Gallery
Documents on the censorship
Censored screenplay

Additional information

Majoring in Philosophy at college, Byeong-Tae gets acquainted with Young-Ja who majors in French literature, through a group meeting. With the influence of rapidly propagated Western culture, these youngsters with the styles of 1970's are in the agonies of families, schools and jobs. Though this agony has the color of humor and self-scorn, it grows up for the bright and merry future. There is no promise of love between Byeong-Tae and Young-Ja. They just meet and talk. On the day when Byeong-Tae enters the military service, Young-Ja kisses Byeong-Tae through the troop train window.