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[Blu-Ray]Hi, Dharma Fullslip Limited Edition (Scanavo Case + 36P Photo Book) (700 copies Numbered)

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Special Feature

- Commentary by Director & Actor
- Interviews
- IMaking Film
- IOuttakes
- IMusic Video
- ITheatrical Trailer

Additional information

After losing a bloody battle between a rival gang, Jae-gyu and his men become fugitives on the run and hide in a temple secluded in a mountain.
They lay low at the temple until the rival gang and cops stop their search. At the temple, they find a group of disciplined monks and ask the monks to let them stay. Denying them at first, later the monks permit them, but for only one week. One week passes, but Jae-gyu and his men don't budge. So a new war between the gangsters and the monks begins. It's a test of strength and intellect to find out who gets to stay and who gets kicked out. The rule of the game is simple. "If you win 3 games out of 5, the group who wins has the final say." Finally, Jae-gyu's gang manages to stay after a long battle of sweat and tears. The temple's head monk accepts them and permits them to stay longer. But the new rule is tough. "If you want to stay, you must obey the rule… the rule of Buddha!"