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[Blu-Ray]Address Unknown Fullslip Limited Edition (700 copies Numbered) (Scanavo Case + 36P Photo Book)

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Special Feature

Commentary with Director & Cast
"Address Unknown" Making Film
Interview with Kim Ki Duk & Cast
The 58th Venice International Film Festival

Additional information

Four people ravaged by war live in a quiet little town located on the outskirts
of an American military base. Chang-guk and his mother live in a red
abandoned bus. Chang-guk's mother writes to Chang-guk's father who was
a black soldier stationed in Korea but who now has left them behind to go
back to America. Although each of her letters come back to her stamped
with "Address Unknown" she does not give up. Chang-guk despises his
mother and often beats her for her actions who is defenseless. Ji-heum is a
timid youth who does not attend high school but instead works at a local
portrait studio. He is oftentimes overwhelmed by his overbearing father who
claims he was a war hero. Ji-heum has a secret crush on Eun-ok, a girl
who can only see out of her one eye. He tries in vain to protect her. Eun-ok
lives in pain of having to live day to day with her condition, which was a
result of her older brother's prank. She hides half of her face behind her hair
and has also withdrawn from the world. She falls for James, an American
soldier who promises to pay for her eye surgery. Chang-guk is abused and
ridiculed by the town's people for being mixed and his sole patron is his
boss, Dog Eye, who is the local dog butcher. All four lives collide as each
individual's hope for a better future return to them unfulfilled.