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[Blu-Ray]The Peanuts Movie (2D+3D) Combo (Slipcase + 6 Photo cards) Limited Edition

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Special Feature

DISC 1 - 3D
• Audio: Korean 5.1, English 7.1 DTS-HD MASTER LOSSLESS AUDIO, Castile-uh 5.1 DTS, Catalan 5.1 DTS, 5.1, Arabic, Bulgarian 5.1, Croatian 5.1, 5.1, Greek, Romanian 5.1, 5.1, Serbian, Slovenian 5.1
• subtitle: Korean, English, Castilian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Croatian, Greek, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenian
• Aspect Ratio: Widescreen 1.85: 1

DISC 2 - 2D & Special feature this title
• Audio: Korean 5.1, English 7.1 DTS-HD MASTER LOSSLESS AUDIO,Danish 5.1 DTS, Finnish 5.1 DTS, Norwegian 5.1 DTS, Swedish 5.1 DTS, 5.1, Bulgarian, Croatian 5.1, 5.1, Serbian, Slovenian 5.1
• Subtitles: Korean, English, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Bulgarian,Croatian, Serbian uh, Slovenian
• Special features Subtitles: Korean, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish
• Aspect Ratio: Widescreen 1.85: 1

Special Features
• Snoopy Snippets
Snoopy & Charlie Brown on Couch/Snoopy & Charlie Brown Ice Skating/Gift/ Charlie Brown Swing & Hit/Snoopy Pitch/Snoopy Root Beer/
• You Never Grow Up Charlie Brown
▪ From Panels to Screen
▪ Good ’Ol Charles Schulz and The Peanuts Gang
▪ We're In A Movie, Charlie Brown
• Snoopy's Sibling Salute
• Learn to Draw Snoopy
• Learn to Draw Woodstock
• Learn to Draw Charlie Brown
• Get Down With Snoopy and Woodstock Music Video
• "Better When I'm Dancin’" Meghan Trainor Lyric Video
• "Better When I'm Dancin’" Meghan Trainor Music Video
• Behind the Scenes of "Better When I'm Dancin’"
• Snoopy's Playlist
• Gallery
• Trailers
• Sneak Peek
Ice Age: Collision Course Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe

Additional information

Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy, and the whole gang are back in a heartwarming story. While Charlie Brown is trying to accomplish something, a new girl with red hair arrives, and Charlie Brown falls in love. Now he tries to impress the red haired girl to make her feel like he's a winner, but Charlie Brown just can't do anything right. At the same time, Snoopy is writing a love story about a beautiful dog. Then Charlie Brown gets a perfect score on his standardized test, but there has been a mistake. Should he tell the truth or get the love of his love to like him? Can Charlie Brown get the girl to love her or will he remain a nothing?