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[Blu-Ray]The City of lost children Fullslip Limited Edition (500 copies Numbered)

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  • Publisher : INFO
  • Year : 1995


Special Feature

- Commentary by Jean-Pierre Jeunet
- Making of
- Behind the Scenes
- Interview with J.P Gaultier
- Trailer
- Teaser 1
- Teaser 2
- Teaser 3

Additional information

The evil Krank and his henchmen have been made by a mad scientist. Krank's problem is that he is tormented by his inability to dream. He finds it necessary to try to steal the dreams of children, but since they fear him, he
only gets their nightmares. When a circus strongman's little brother is kidnapped, the strongman (One) tracks him down and, with the help of some other eccentric characters, tries to put an end to the evil reign of Krank and his Cyclops army.