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[Blu-Ray]Tale of Two Sisters Fullslip Plain Edition

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Special Feature

Kim Ji Woon Short Film - Coming Out (2000)
In the Frame
Interview 2
Deleted Scene
Su Mi
Out of the Frame
Production Design
Music Score
To the viewer
See the Movie with Psychiatrist

Additional information

Having brought enough eeriness in the Korea-Thai-Hong Kong co-
production "Three" (2002), the Korean director Kim Jee-woon this time
chooses an old tale from the Joseon Dynasty called "Janghwa Hongryeon"
as his inspiration in the 2003 psycho-thriller "A Tale of Two Sisters".
Shocking the world with this deathly pallor of the family drama and the sheer
panic caused by the impending horror, "A Tale of Two Sisters" enjoyed
success not only in the Asian markets but also in the Hollywood scene.
That's why DreamWorks, one of the biggest movie studio, has planned to
release a US version of this psycho-thriller in 2004.
"A Tale of Two Sisters" tells the story of Su-mi (Im Soo-jung) and Su-yeon
(Moon Geun-young), two sisters from a rich family, who go to live with their
eccentric stepmother after recovering from an unnamed illness in a mental
hospital only to find that their conditions have worsened thanks to an
unbalanced parental figure and a pesky ghost. Su-yeon has nightmares
about her mother's death and relies on her big sister for emotional protection.
The new stepmother dreams of a perfect family and treats her two
stepdaughters with both manic affection and frightening frostiness. The father
only observes taciturnly and remains isolated.

What runs in such a disfunctional family is the otherworldly horror. A ghost
crawls behind a clothing trunk, a freakish woman hides under the sink, and a
bloody sack containing a corpse leaves a trail of red on the wooden floor.
But you never know if these are hallucinations or real happenings. And who
is the real ghost? The mother? The step-mother? Or the two sisters?