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[Blu-Ray]Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Creature Cards Limited Edition (2disc: 3D+2D)

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Special Feature


Dolby Atmos; English, DTS-HD Master Audio Englsih 5.1
Dolby Digital 5.1; Korean, Hindi, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Thai, Turkish.

Subtitle: Korean, English SDH, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Cantonese, Croatian, Portuguese, Hebrew, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovenian, Thai, Turkish


DTS-HD Master Audio English 5.1, French
Dolby Digital 5.1; Korean, Catalan, Spanish, Mandarin, Thai

Subtitle: Korean, English SDH, Chinese, Cantonese, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Icelandic, Norwegian, French, Swedish, Thai

Special Feature Audio: English
Special Feature Subtitles: Korean, English SDH, Chinese, Hungarian, Polish, Thai, Turkish (* All special features are only available on 2D)

Aspect Ratio: 2.35: 1 (16x9 LB)

Special Features

- Before Harry Potter: A New Era of Magic Begins!(15:52)
- Characters: The Magizoologist (4:15)
- Characters: The Goldstein Sisters(4:41)
- Characters: The New Salemers(4:24)
- Characters: The No-Maj Baker (4:32)
- Characters: The President and the Auror(6:34)
- Creatures: Meet the Fantastic Beasts (4:08)
- Creatures: Bowtruckle (2:45)
- Creatures: Demiguise (1:59)
- Creatures: Erumpent (3:18)
- Creatures: Niffler(2:16)
- Creatures: Occamy (3:18)
- Creatures: Thunderbird (2:12)
- Design: Shaping the World of Fantastic Beasts (5:56)
- Design: New York City(7:23)
- Design: MACUSA(7:20)
- Design: Newt’s Magical Case (5:00)
- Design: The Shaw Banquet (4:25)
- Design: The Blind Pig (4:27)
- Deleted Scenes: Major Investigation Department (0:45)
- Deleted Scenes: Jacob Tenement (1:15)
- Deleted Scenes: Newt’s Suitcase (0:40)
- Deleted Scenes: MACUSA Cell (0:20)
- Deleted Scenes: Creocreatura (0:30)
- Deleted Scenes: Tracking Demiguise (2:23)
- Deleted Scenes: Suitcase Celebration(1:54)
- Deleted Scenes: Skyscraper Roof (0:46)
- Deleted Scenes: Obscurus Unleashed, Part 1 (0:27)
- Deleted Scenes: Obscurus Unleashed, Part 2 (0:44)
- Deleted Scenes: Newt Goodbye (0:26)

Additional information

Holding a mysterious leather suitcase in his hand, Newt Scamander, a young activist wizard from England, visits New York while he is on his way to Arizona. Inside his expanding suitcase hides a wide array of diverse, magical creatures that exist among us, ranging from tiny, twig-like ones, to majestic and humongous ones. It is the middle of the 20s and times are troubled since the already fragile equilibrium of secrecy between the unseen world of wizards and the ordinary or "No-Maj" people that the MACUSA Congress struggles to maintain, is at risk of being unsettled. In the meantime, the voices against wizardry keep growing with daily protests led by Mary Lou Barebone and fuelled by the increasing disasters ascribed to a dark wizard, Gellert Grindelwald. At the same time, by a twist of fate, Newt's precious suitcase will be switched with the identical one of an aspiring No-Maj baker, Jacob Kowalski, while demoted Auror, Tina Goldstein, arrests Newt for being an unregistered wizard. To...