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[Blu-Ray]The Last Witness (2disc: BD+DVD)

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Special Feature

- Audio Commentary

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While inspecting Yang Dal-Su's murder case, both lawyer Kim Jung-Yeob and detective Oh find out great secret information. When South Korea Army and police suppress communist guerilla at Mt. Chirisan, Sohn Seok-Jin gives his daughter named Ji-Hye a map, which identifies where the treasure is buried, and then dies. Kang Man-Ho makes Ji-Hye become pregnant by multiple rape, while Ji-Hye saves her life thanks to Hwang Ba-Woo's help. Being chased, they inform Yang Dal-Su of their intention to deliver themselves to Yang. Hwang hurts Han Dong-Ju with knife and then delivers himself. Both Ji-Hye and Hwang discover the treasure. To deprive the treasure and Ji-Hye, Han pretends to die by Yang's plot. Thanks to lawyer Kim's help, Kim is released from prison in twenty years. Kim finds out that the criminal is Ji-Hye's son (name : Tae-Young). For the sake of the son, Hwang commits suicide. So does Ji-Hye.