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[Blu-Ray]Alien:Covenant Steelbook Lenticular Limited Edition (Kimchidvd Exclusive No.57)

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Special Feature

Special Feature Subtitles: Korean, French, Castilian, Dutch, German, Italian, Russian, Polish

•Director Commentary by Ridley Scott
•Deleted & Extended Scenes
Prologue - Extended/ Walter in Greenhouse/Oram and Daniels - Extended/Walter Visits Daniels/Daniels Bedroom Flashback/Jacob's Funeral - Extended/Ledward's Fall/Crossing the Plaza - Extended/
Daniels Thanks Walter/Rosenthal Prayer/Walter Reports Back/Stairs to Eggroom- Extended
▪ Meet Walter ▪ Phobos ▪ The Last Supper
▪ The Crossing ▪ Advent
▪ David’s Illustrations
Flora/ Fauna/ Show/ Specimens/ Alien
•Master Class: Ridley Scott
▪ Story ▪ Characters ▪ Setting ▪ Creatures
• Production Gallery
Ridleygrams/Conceptual Art/ Creatures/Logos and Patches
• Theatrical Trailers

Additional information

Almost eleven years after the futile and disastrous expedition on the distant moon LV-223, the deep-space colonisation vessel Covenant equipped with more than 2,000 colonists in cryogenic hibernation, sets a course for the remote planet Origae-6 with the intention to build a new world. Instead, a rogue transmission will entice the crew to a nearby habitable small planet which resembles a lot like the Earth, nevertheless, sooner or later, the unsuspecting members of the Covenant will have to cope with invincible and unconquerable biological foes beyond human comprehension. Ultimately, what was intended as an exploratory and peaceful mission, under those circumstances, it will soon turn into a desperate rescue operation deep into the cold infinite space.