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[Blu-Ray]The Contact Plain Edition

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Special Feature

- TV SPOT (00 : 32)
- TRAILER (02 : 09)
- MUSIC VIDEO (02 : 47)

Additional information

Dong-Hyun is living a reclusive life because his beloved left him. He
becomes involved in a love triangle. Eun-Hee is blindly attached to Dong-
Hyun. One day, his ex-girlfriend Young-Hea sends a music record to him
and his life starts to become a mess. Soo-Hyun falls in love with her friend's
boyfriend and in order to soothe herself for her one-sided love, she goes on
a night drive. She witnesses a car accident and at the same time requests a
song on the radio through computer communication. On hearing the music,
Dong-Hyun tries to contact Soo-Hyun by computer communication, thinking
it might be his beloved Young-Hea. However, he realizes Soo-Hyun's in the
same situation as he is, and they begin to talk about their problems. As the
contact becomes more frequent on the computer, they start to care for each
other and promise to meet in real life...