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[DVD]White Valentine (Sale

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Teenage Jung-min begin a long-distance relationship with Hyun-jun, a
military cadet, through letters. During his break, Hyun-jun suggests their first
get-together, which Jung-min is more than insecure about: the fact of the
matter is, she has been pretending to be a school teacher in her twenties.
Jung-min decides not to show up. Years pass by and Jung-min, now twenty
years old, runs a bookshop with her grandmother. By sheer chance she
runs into Hyun-jun, now in his 30s and the owner of a neighborhood pet
shop specializing in birds. Hyun-jun's daily routine of releasing a dove with
a love letter attached to its leg accidentally reaches Jung-min, which in turn,
launches regular correspondence between the two. The two run into each
other from time to time, yet they are not aware of their previous ties nor their
present literary communication until one day, Jung-min discovers that Hyun-
jun is the cadet from her past.