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[Blu-Ray]Minority Report Steelbook Limited Edition (Pre order : 2018-06-01 (14:00))

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Special Feature

• 스티븐 스필버그가 창조한 미래 - ‘마이너리티 리포트’ 인터랙티브 가이드
- Origins (프로젝트의 기원)
- Predicting the Future (미래 예측)
- Future Weapon (미래의 무기들)
- A Touchstone to Reality (현실로의 열쇠)
- Designing the Future (미래 설계)
- Previz (사전시각화)
- Hoverpacks (호버팩)
- Magleve (자기부상차)
- Believability (신빙성)
- Sci-Fi Logic (공상과학적 논리)
- A Very Human Story (인간적인 이야기)
- Precogs and Their Visions (예지자와 그들의 영상)
- Working with Tom (톰 크루즈와의 작업)
- Supporting Players (조연 배우들)
- Futuristic Noir (미래적인 누아르)
- Soundscape and Score (사운드스케이프와 배경 음악)
- Challenging the Audience (관객에의 도전)
- In Closing: The Morality of Precrime (끝맺으며: 사전 범죄예방의 윤리성)

• 사전 범죄예방 시스템의 세계
• 필립 K. 딕, 스티븐 스필버그 & 마이너리티 리포트
• 마이너리티 리포트 : 미래 구현
• 마이너리티 리포트 - 미래의 소품들
• ‘마이너리티 리포트’ 하이라이트 : 세트장에서
- The Hoverpack Sequence: 호버팩 시퀀스
- The Car Factory Sequence: 자동차 공장 시퀀스

• 마이너리티 리포트 – 미래의 광고
• 호버팩 시퀀스 사전시각화
• 자기부상차 탈출 사전시각화
• 미니 다큐멘터리(2002년) : 소설에서 영화로
- Deconstructing Minority Report: ‘마이너리티 리포트’ 해부
- The Stunts of Minority Report: ‘마이너리티 리포트’의 스턴트
- ILM and Minority Report: ILM과 ‘마이너리티 리포트’
- 파이널 리포트 : 스필버그와 크루즈, 서로에 대해 말하다

• Archives: 자료실
- Production Concepts Gallery: 프로덕션 컨셉트 갤러리
- Storyboard Sequences: 스토리보드 시퀀스
- Trailers: 예고편

Additional information

In the year 2054, a so-called "pre-crime division" is working around
Washington, DC. Its purpose is to use the precog(nitive) potential of three
genetically altered humans to prevent murders. When the three precogs, who
only work together, floating connected in a tank of fluid, have a vision, the
names of the victim and the perpetrator as well as video imagery of the
crime and the exact time it will happen, are given out to the special cops
who then try to prevent the crime from happening. But there is a political
dilemma: If someone is arrested before he commits a murder, can the
person be accused of the murder, which - because of the arrest - never took
place? The project of pre-crime, at the time being in a state of trial run, is
going to be voted about in the near future. If people accept it, the crime rate
is going to drop drastically, but it never will be known if there might not be
too many people imprisoned, some or even all of them innocent. After John
Anderton lost his son to a crime a six years ago, he took up drugs, and
works the precog division like nobody else. One day, his own name arrives
in the "perpetrator" chute, and the precogs predict that he will kill a man he
never knew in less than 36 hours. John takes off, his trust in the system
diminishing rapidly. His own colleagues after him, John follows a very small
trace that might hold the key to his innocence, a strange unsolved yet
predicted murder and a so-called "minority report", a documentation of one of
the rare events in which a precog sees something different than the other two.