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[Blu-Ray]Wani and Junha Lenticular Fullslip Limited Edition (600 copies Numbered)(A Type)

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Special Feature

Animation: Comparison to Live Action Scenes
Deleted Scenes
Music Video

Additional information

Wa-ni, 26-year-old animator with 6 years career in her field. Jun-ha, 27-year-
old screen playwright, who is working on his debut project. Wa-ni and Jun-
ha are living in the same house. Their love stays mutual but seems tainted
with a hint of loneliness. The news of Young-min's return, who is Wa-ni's
step-brother and her unattainable first love, leads Wa-ni back to the fading
memories, driving Jun-ha into a state of dilemma as he sees his loved one
in such confusion. By the visit of So-yang, who was always together with
Young-min and Wa-ni during the high school days, Jun-ha becomes aware
of Wa-ni's wound and Young-min's being. Finally, the development of their
love in the past and the present with all its trials and tribulations comes alive
in some fantastic animation.