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[Blu-Ray]Good Windy Day Fullslip Limited Editon

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Special Feature

- Audio Commentary with Director
- Digital Restoration : Before/After
- Trailers
- Still Gallery

Additional information

Deok-Bae, Chun-Sik and Kil-Nam works for Chinese restaurant, barbershop, and inn, etc. respectively at an outskirt of Seoul, and encourage each other to live together. The three, however, are indifferent to their own future lives. In addition to drinking that they like, Kil-Nam likes Jin-Ok, a beauty salon worker, while Chun-Sik does Yoo, a female shave trimmer at a barbershop. Thus, they are unable leave the town and live their lives keeping valuable story in their mind. Deok-Bae, who is a genuine youth, is in agony between Chun-Sun, a female worker at a factory in Kuro National Industrial Complex,and Myeong-Hee, a woman at a high class society. Various lives and living are made around them. Chun-Sik is put in jail on the charge of violence, while Kil-Nam enters the Army. The remaining Deok-Bae makes up his mind not to move even in front of wind on a pleasant day.