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[Blu-Ray]The General`s Son Trilogy Boxset Limited Edition (3disc)

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Special Feature

The General`s Son

- Commentary with Director and Movie Columnist
- A Commemorative event
- Trailer

The General`s Son 2

- Commentary with Directors
- Martial arts rehearsal
- Trailer

The General`s Son 3

- Commentary with Directors
- Trailer

Additional information

The General`s Son (1990)
The General`s Son 2 (1991)
The General`s Son 3 (1992)

Kim Doo-han lost his mom at the age of eight and he survives on the streets
as a singing beggar. His natural born fighting skills places him on the mean
streets of Jongro with the kisaeng house Woomigwan at the center. He is
soon recognized for his incredible strength and ability. He finds out through
Shin Ma-jeok, the head of a student gang, that he is the son of General Kim
Jwa-jin who fought against the Japanese army. Meanwhile, the Yakuzas
expand their sphere of influence and try to take over the Jongro streets but
Doo-han protects the Korean vendors of Jongro and wins their respect. When
the head of Woomigwan, Kim Gi-hwan is arrested, Doo-han becomes the
leader of the Jongro gang.