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[Blu-Ray]The Tae Baek Mountains Fullslip Limited Edition (700 copies Numbered) (Pre order : 20.19-03-28)

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Special Feature

Audio Commentary with Director an Columnist

- Making Film
- Trailer

Additional information

This film depicts the story of a village people who suffered form the turmoil of
fighting between the left wing and the right wing about the time of the Korean
Conflict (1948-1953) The village people may represent all the Korean people
who suffered during the Korean Conflict However, the main theme of this film
is not the fight of ideologies, but humanism itself, which Director Im
considers one of the most important things in human beings. This film
attempts to look into the confused Korean modern history form a bird' eye
view In particular nationalist Kim Bum-Woo is an example of the typical
Korean intellectuals who suffered in the whirlpool of ideological fighting
during that period. This film shows us four different situations. One is the
situation of a nationalist (Kim Bum-Woo) The second is the situation of a
leftist (Yum Sang-Jin) the third is the situation of a rightist (Yum Sang-Goo),
and the fourth is the situation of a girl shaman (So-Hwa) which is the
highlight of this film. Through the exorcism performed by So-Hwa, The
protagonists try happiness of human beings in our own Korean way