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[Blu-Ray]My Sassy Girl Fullslip Limited Edition (1,000 copies Numbered) (Type A)

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Special Feature

Commentary with Director and Cast

- Story Board (35:27)
- Special Effect (04:30)
- NG Cut (34:33)
- Deleted Scenes (03:06)
- Making Film (60:21)
- Interview (10:42)
- Film Release (10:38)
- Preview (3:43)

Additional information

A cute but extremely drunk young woman stands in a subway car. She
begins to throw up all over an elderly man wearing a toupee. She then turns
to an unsuspecting young man and calls "Honey!" This is the beginning of a
truly bizarre and funny relationship between the two. She is trying to get over
a former boyfriend. This is the only beginning of his troubles. From this day
onward, Kyun-woo is beaten, threatened and constantly bossed around by
this beautiful but menacing woman. She rescues him from drowning, while
not hesitating to push him into a lake just out of curiosity. She touches him
deeply even by saving him from being held in a hostage. On her birthday, he
plans a night for two. Despite all he goes through, he begins to find that
beneath the tough exterior she is very vulnerable and so he inadvertently
falls for her. Just when he begins to believe that things will work out, she
begins to withdraw from him. In a manner befitting her, she ends their
relationship by making a time capsule. In this capsule, they have enclosed a
letter to each other to be opened when they dig it up two years from then.
Two years of time may be too long to wait, but Kyun-woo waits for the