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[Blu-Ray]Hunter Killer Steelbook Fullslip Limited Edition (Kimchidvd Exclusive No.76) (A1 Type)

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Special Feature

• Surface Tension: Declassifying Hunter Killer (24:35)
• Trailer (01:30)

Additional information

A U.S. submarine, the USS Tampa Bay, vanishes while shadowing a Russian Akula-class submarine in the Arctic. Rear Admiral John Fisk sends a Virginia-class submarine, the USS Arkansas, under the command of newly-promoted and unorthodox Commander Joe Glass to investigate. At the same time, a Navy SEAL team under the command of Lieutenant Bill Beaman is sent in to discreetly observe a Russian naval base. When they arrive at the naval base, they witness defense minister Dmitri Durov conducting a coup d'etat and taking Russian President Zakarin prisoner, and swiftly realize that Durov intends to trigger a war..