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[Blu-Ray]Lover`s Concerto Fullslip Plain Edition

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  • Publisher : The On
  • Year : 2002


Special Feature

- Audio Commentary

- Making Film
- Interviews
- Delete Scenes
- Still Gallery
- Theatrical Trailer

Additional information

One day, Ji-hwan begins to receive letters from an unidentified person. The
letters, containing black-and-white photos of happy children playing, remind
Ji-hwan of his old two friends.
Five years earlier, while Ji-hwan is taking pictures with his camera, two
girls, Soo-in and Gyung-hee, walk into the frame. Ji-hwan falls in love with
Soo-in at first sight. He then musters up enough courage to confess his love
to her, but she refuses him very politely. Even so, Ji-hwan doesn't give up
and tells them that he wants to be friends the next time they meet. Ever
since then, the three of them start a wonderful friendship. They spend time
each other always, and consider it the most precious moments of their lives.
But they become confused between love and friendship and, finally, Gyung-
hee and Soo-in leave him without a trace.
The random letters inspire Ji-hwan to depart anxiously on a long journey to
find his old friends, but while looking for Soo-in and Gyung-hee, he confronts
a beautiful yet sad secret.