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[Blu-Ray]Suddenly In Dark Night Plain Edition

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  • Publisher : The On
  • Year : 1981


Special Feature

- Audio commentary
- Korean Horror Films

Additional information

Kang Yu-Jin, an expert scholar at bionics field, collects a rare butterfly. His wife (Seon-Hee) spends good night with husband. Watching a grotesque looking wooden doll in her husband film of insect collection, she has unusual feeling. After finishing business trip to local area, her husband brings a female shaman's daughter (Mi-Ok). Seon-Hee discovers a wooden doll at Mi-Ok's clothes to suspect her and become insane. Seon-Hee attempts to kill Mi-Ok, but Mi-Ok dies of falling down due to her mistake. Since then, Seon-Hee has been obsessed by the wooden doll's illusion.