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[Blu-Ray]North Korean Partisan in South Korea Fullslip Limited Edition (2disc BD+OST CD)

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Special Feature

- Commentary by Chung Ji-young(Film Director), Ahn Sung-ki(Actor), Ju Sung-chul(Film Journalist)
- Digital Restoration : Before & After
- Image Gallery
- Trailer

Additional information

Lee Tae, a war correspondent, joins the North Korean partisan in 1950. But
he soon feels torn by the partisan's activities and his own passivity. When
the Operation Chung-ryong fails and Lee Tae and his men find themselves
on the run from the punitive forces. Injured while on the run, Lee Tae is taken
care by Park Min-ja and they soon fall in love. But when he is called back to
duty by headquarters, they are forced to go their separate ways. As the
winter weather worsens, Lee Tae and his men fight in the Yakdam Peak
battle and there he meets the poet Kim Young. They discuss the futility of
fighting one's own people. The North Korean partisan in South Korea
cornered in the hills of Mt. Jiri and there he meets the legendary Commander
Lee Hyun-sang. He is also astonished by Kim Hee-sook's courage. From
this point on, he becomes an official member of the political party of the
partisan. When the news of a truce is heard, the members are thrown into
turmoil. Hunger and the weather drive them to destitution and during the last
battle Lee Tae is taken prisoner by the punitive forces. His long battle for the
partisan comes to a close.