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[Blu-Ray]Two Old Men, Mismatched Nose, 1980

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Special Feature

-Audio commentary
* Kim Dae-seung (film director), Joo Seong-cheol ('Cine 21' editor-in-chief)
Subtitles: Korean, English
* Lim Kwon-taek (film director), Huh Moon-young (film critic)-2012 recorded version
* Song Gil-han (scenario writer), Kim Hong-jun (film director)-2012 recorded version
-Video before and after restoration
-Collection of image materials

Additional information

Song Ki-Yeol, a combat policeman, succeeds in arresting Baek Kong-San, a notorious communist guerilla, who has a nick name of unbalanced nose, namely Jako. While transferring Baek to a prison, Song makes Baek escape due to his mistake. On account of this reason, Song is forced to retire from the police. Since then, Song detects Baek for 30 years. Thirty years later, both become old sick beggars in the street and meet at a relief and rehabilitation facility. Both old men are near to die owing to their chronic diseases. Song wants to be free from his mistake in the past by bringing Baek to his home town. Two old men, who look very weak owing to diseases, quarrel in the street. A young policeman does not hear correctly Song's saying that Baek once was a communist, and just watches their quarrel. Being tired, Song run into the street, while Baek dies of being hit by car while rescuing Song. Song disappears among crowded persons.