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[Blu-Ray]Sting (2disc: 4K UHD + 2D)

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Special Feature

Disk specification
-Main audio: DTS-HD Master Audio: English 5.1, DTS-Digital Surround 5.1: Thai, DTS Digital Surround 2.0 Mono: Spanish, German, Italian, Turkish
-Full subtitles: Korean, English, Cantonese, Spanish, Mandarin, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Thai, Turkish

[2D BD]
-Main audio: DTS-HD Master Audio: English 5.1, Digital Surround 2.0 Mono: French, Italian, German, Spanish
-Full subtitles: Korean, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Cantonese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Mandarin

-The Art of The Sting (56:19)
-100 Years of Universal: Restoring the Classics (9:11)
-100 Years of Universal: The 70's (10:59)
-100 Years of Universal: The Lot (9:25)
-Theatrical Trailer(2:15)

* Special Feature Audio: English
* Special feature subtitles: Korean, English, Cantonese, Mandarin, German, Italian, etc.

Additional information

Johnny Hooker, a small time grifter, unknowingly steals from Doyle Lonnegan, a big time crime boss, when he pulls a standard street con. Lonnegan demands satisfaction for the insult. After his partner, Luther, is killed, Hooker flees, and seeks the help of Henry Gondorff, one of Luther's contacts, who is a master of the long con. Hooker wants to use Gondorff's expertise to take Lonnegan for an enormous sum of money to even the score, since he admits he "doesn't know enough about killing to kill him." They devise a complicated scheme and amass a talented group of other con artists who want their share of the reparations. The stakes are high in this game, and our heroes must not only deal with Lonnegan's murderous tendencies, but also other side players who want a piece of the action. To win, Hooker and Gondorff will need all their skills...and a fair amount of confidence.