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[Blu-Ray]Whale Hunting + Booklet and Post cards

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Special Feature

Audio Commentary by Bae Chang-ho(Director), Ahn Sung-ki(Actor), Kim Soo-Chul(Actor), Ju Sung-chul(Film Journalist)

- Digital Restoration : Before & After

- Image Gallery

- Trailer : 고래사냥 Whale Hunting, 고래사냥 2 Whale Hunting2

Additional information

Timid Byeong-Tae fails to gain Mi-Ran's love and leaves his home in search of whale. Wandering on the streets, he meets Min-Wu and keeps company with him. While drifting from city to city, they come to meet a mute woman Chun-Ja. Byeong-Tae decides to regain Chun-Ja's lost words and locate her hometown and rescues her with the help of Min-Wu. Thus they take the way for her hometown. After undergoing hard and painful journey, Chun-Ja regains her lost words and nestles in her mother. Byeong-Tae realizes that whale is not in the far-distanced sea, but in carrying out love for neighbor.