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[Blu-Ray]Joze, the Tiger and the Fish : Limited Edition (TheOn Series No.21)

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  • Publisher : The On
  • Year : 2003


Special Feature

Audio Commentary by Director & Cast

Movie Diary
BUNNY : Short film
Deleted Scenes
Music Clip
Illustration Gallery
Trailer & TV Spot

Additional information

Tsuneo is an easygoing guy who casually sleeps around with girls, works
at the local Mahjong Parlour and generally drifts around. A typical Japanese
college kid. That is until he literally bumps into Joze. A physically disabled
girl who is pushed around in a baby carriage by an old lady .Tsuneo is
intrigued by this beautiful and surprisingly intelligent young girl. Joze is
sarcastic and defensive, but in a very charming manner, and Tsuneo soon
becomes a regular visitor at the old lady's shabby house. But is it possible
for a guy such as Tsuneo to commit himself to a very special girl such as