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[Blu-Ray]The Way To Sampo +Booklet and Post Cards

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  • Publisher : KOFA
  • Year : 1975


Special Feature

- Commentary by Chung Sung-ill(Film Critic & Director)
- Moon Sook Interview
- Digital Restoration : Before & After
- Image Gallery

Additional information

Going through a jail and a site of construction, a young laborer Young-Dal meets middle aged Mr. Jeong on his way to his hometown Sampo after ten years' absence. They become to know a waitress Baek-Hwa who runs away from a restaurant and then, they travel together. Arriving at the destination Kangcheon Station, Mr. Jeong is disappointed at the changes of the old village by building a hotel. Young-Datl and Mr. Jeong stay at Sampo not as the hometown but as the site of living. Baek-Hwa leaves Sampo with a ticket Young-Dal buys her with his last money.