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[DVD]Waiting For Rain Fullslip Limited Edition (2disc) Scenario Book + Photo Book + Photo Cards

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Special Feature

[Disc. 1]
* 영상: 2.35:1 아나몰픽 와이드스크린
* 오디오: 한국어 돌비디지털 5.1
Commentary by 조진모 감독, 강하늘, 천우희
* 자막: 한국어, 영어
* 러닝타임: 117분
* 레이어: 듀얼레이어

[Disc. 2]
* 또닥또닥 촬영 스케치 - 강하늘 (27분 19초)
* 또닥또닥 촬영 스케치 - 천우희 (10분 41초)
* 제작기 영상 (3분 25초)
* 스틸 갤러리 (3분 54초)
* 예고편 1,2 / 캐릭터 예고편

Additional information

This is a story about waiting." Young-ho (Kang Ha-neul), who was living a boring life without any clear dreams or goals while studying for the university entrance exam for the third year in a row, is reminded of a cherished friend from his childhood and decides to write her a letter. So-hee (Chun Woo-hee), who hasn't found her own dream, runs a bookstore with her mother. One day, she receives a letter from Young-ho that had arrived for her sister So-yeon who is extremely ill and in the hospital. So-hee replies to Young-ho on behalf of her sick older sister, and the two continue to correspond through letters.