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[Blu-Ray]Barefoot Ki-bong 500 copies Fullslip Limited Edition

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Special Feature

* Audio Commentary by Director & Cast
- Production process (33 minutes 20 seconds)
- People of Darengi Village (35 minutes 27 seconds)
- Ki-bong and her mother's disguise (11 minutes 45 seconds)
- Yeochang and Ki-bong's childhood (13 minutes 48 seconds)
- Their own marathon (5 minutes 49 seconds)
- Kibong's house making process (6 minutes 29 seconds)
- Press conference (7 minutes 33 seconds)
- Music video (3 minutes 17 seconds)
- Trailer (2 minutes 54 seconds)

Additional information

Ki-bong, who suffered from a fever when he was a child, is commonly
a 'fool'. The village people call him 'Barefoot Ki-Bong' because he runs
barefoot with food he has begged and serves his mother before it gets cold.
Running is Ki-Bong' greatest skill. It is his mother that Ki-bong loves the
most. Ki-bong decides to take part in the National Amateur Half Marathon' in
order to buy artificial teeth for his mother with the prize money, and works
hard looking forward to the day of the race. Mr. BAEK, the head of the village,
volunteers to be Ki-bong's trainer. The village people realize what family and
love between family members mean to them when they see Ki-bong, who is
considered a non-entity, working hard for the competition. The village gets
changed by the efforts of Ki-bong and Mr. BAEK.