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[Blu-Ray]Burning Mountain (aka: Flame in the Valley) Fullslip Limited Edition ((Korean English Subtitle Booklet )+ Post Cards)

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  • Publisher : KOFA
  • Year : 1967


Special Feature

Commentary by Chung Sung-ill(Film Critic & Director)

Digital Restoration : Before & After

Additional information

The hero, a Communist guerrilla, infiltrates into a town in the foot of Mountain Ji-Ri after breaking away from the ranks. He hides himself in a bamboo thicket with the help of Jeom-Rye in this town. They make love with each other in the bamboo thicket. Sa-Wol, a widow, in the neighborhood notices it, and she makes love with him as well. The pregnant Sa-Wol kills herself in despair. Jeom-Rye comes to the bamboo thicket in order to rescue him, since the police burn the bamboo thicket to catch the Communist guerrillas. Therefore, she dies with him together.