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[Blu-Ray]The Battleship Island Digipack Limited Edition

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Special Feature

[Audio Commentary #1 by] Director Ryu Seungwan, Hwang Jungmin, So Jisub, Song Joongki, Lee Junghyun, Kim Suan, Cho Sungmin
[Audio Commentary #2 by] Director Ryu Seungwan and Director Lee Jungbeom
- Step into the Isle of Hell (pre-production) 05:52
- [Shooting at the port of Shimonoseki] 10:42
- Land of hardship, wide and deep (Main set, art, shooting, CG) 25:15
- Warfare Island people (casting, character) 25:25
- The climax of hell, the tent and the ant hole (within the coal mine) 08:32
- Candles and the Great Escape (meaning big action) 29:57
- We're going back to where we lived (Epilogue) 11:02
- Theater trailer 01:51

Additional information

As World War II nears its end, the small island of Hashima (nicknamed "Battleship Island") off the coast of Japan is the site of a massive coal mine, where 400 Koreans lead bleak lives as conscripted laborers. Tensions run high between the Japanese soldiers who maintain order with shocking cruelty and violence, and the Koreans from all walks of life who were tricked or forced into coming there. Then, just as the island's dark secrets are revealed, the Koreans plot a daring escape.