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[Blu-Ray]The Hut (1 Disc) Fullslip Edition (Booklet (English/Korean) + Post Cards)

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Special Feature

Commentary by Lee Doo-yong(Film Director), Ju Sung-chul(Film Critic)

- Digital Restoration : Before & After

- Image Gallery

Additional information

When Seong-Min, who is the eldest grandson by the eldest grandson of high class official Kang at Surikol village, becomes sick, a woman shaman named Ok-Hwa plays an exorcism to discover a small bottle that is involved in a grudge spirit of Sam-Dol, the farm keeper. The men in Kang's family have traditionally lived short to let their wives become widows at young age. When Lee, the eldest daughter-in-law of Kang, is almost died of worsened chronic disease, she is brought to the farm keeper's cottage to let herself die. Sam-Dol, however, takes care of her very hard to let her recover health and meet Sam-Dol frequently to become pregnant. Hearing this, Kang punishes both secretly. Sam-Dol's daughter retaliates upon Kang to let him die, and becomes inspired when paying homage to her father's spirit. The gate of virtuous women is burnt in flame together with many women's grudge during last tens years, while Ok-Hwa dances with the grudge spirits.