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[Blu-Ray]Declaration of Fools (48P Booklet + Book Let (English, Korean) + Post Cards)

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Special Feature

Commentary by Lee Jang-ho(Film Director), Kim Myung-gon(Actor), Im Soo-yeon(Journalist)
Digital Restoration : Before & After
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Additional information

Dong-Cheol has lived as pickpocket, beggar, pimp, a trash picker, etc. is very familiar with the darkness and life as criminal. One day, he meets Yuk-Deok when he is trying to kidnap a bogus university student Hye-Young. Dong-Cheol and Yuk-Deok find out that Hye-Young is a prostitute. Because of hunger, they live on doing an errand of Hye-Young, but are kicked out after fighting with a customer and Hye-Young too follows them. They spend days at the resort of seaside and Dong-Cheol comes to love Hye-Young. Later, she works in a prostitute house in Seoul but dies from heavy drinking forced by the customers.