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[Blu-Ray]Holiday Fullslip Limited Edition (500 copies Numbered)

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This item will be released on 2022-12-22


Special Feature

- Commentary with director, actor
- Commentary with director, staff
- I will definitely make it into a movie.(12 minutes 55 seconds)
- Resounding Gunshots (25 minutes 48 seconds)
- They were human. (19 minutes 24 seconds)
- Detention center (6 minutes 30 seconds)
- Deleted scene (10 minutes 21 seconds)
- Music video (2 minutes 52 seconds)
- Trailer (3:28)
- Photo gallery (3 minutes 23 seconds)
- Even if it's just one second (3 minutes 31 seconds)
- Press and VIP preview (5 minutes 20 seconds)
- After recording the audio commentary (8:37)

Additional information

October 1988, JI Kang-hyuk escapes from jail with some other prisoners.
Armed with guns and bullets, JI and others hold people as hostages and
soon Seoul is struck with fear. However the hostages sympathize with their
captors, who seem to be humane and have good manners.
On the ninth day, the tenacious policeman An-suk finds JI and the captors.
The police and JI's people have a confrontation and JI crys out "The wealthy
are innocent, whereas the poor are guilty".
JI's outcry is broadcast on TV and meanwhile, JI and his people make a
final decision...