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[Blu-Ray]Over the Rainbow Fullslip Plain Edition

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This item will be released on 2022-12-22


Special Feature

Commentary by Director
Making Films
Behind Scene
Assistant Actor Story
Compared with Film Continuity
TV Spot
Music Video

Additional information

Starring Lee Jung-Jae and Jang Jin-Young, "Over the rainbow" is built on two
parallel stories, which reflect the irony of love.
Jin-Soo is a man who tries to recover fragments of memories he lost after a
traffic accident and attempts to retrace memories of a lover he no longer

Yeon-Hee, a woman working at a "Lost & Found" center of a subway station
tries to erase and forget the memories of a love she once had...

This movie centers on the mysterious rediscovery of a faceless lover and
the struggle to let go of the pain of love. Under the brilliant light of a rainbow,
will these two souls find what is closest to their hearts?