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[Blu-Ray]The story of Hong Gil-dong, Hopi and Chadol Bawi Digipack LE (2 Disc) + 96P Booklet (Korean, English)

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Special Feature

디스크 1 -
본편: 67분 Running Time : 67min

스페셜피쳐 Special Features
- 음성해설 Commentary
노경무(감독) 허남웅(평론가)
Commentary by Noh Gyeong-mu(Film Director), Huh Nam-woong(Film Critic)
Commentary by Yeon Sang-ho (Film Director), Na Ho-won (Animation Critic)
- Subtitles : 한국어 Korean / 영어 English

- Animation
Subtitles : 한국어 Korean / 영어 English
Jinro Soju Commercial
Let's Catch the Rat
A Nice Country to Live In, My One Vote

- Hong Gil-dong Opening Credits Restoration Comparison

- Digital Restoration : Before & After

- Image Gallery

디스크 2 -
본편: 74분 Running Time : 74min

Special Features
- Commentary by KIM Bo-sol(Film Director), Huh Nam-woong(Film Critic),

- Interview with Director Shin Dong-hun (72분)
- Subtitles : 한국어 Korean / 영어 English

- 애니메이션 Animation
(Hopi and Chadol Bawi (Director Kim Bo-sol): A Reinterpretation of Classic Animation)
The Ant and the Grasshopper
Live Within Your Means

- Digital Restoration : Before & After

- Image Gallery

Additional information

The story of Hong Gil-dong
A special boy is born on a day where hurricanes and wicked spirits struck medieval Korea. The citizens and family learn that the infant has super human strength and cunning intelligence. As the boy grows up, he vows to his family, the emperor of Korea and the high deities to rid Korea of chaos and disorder caused by wicked beings.

Hopi and Chadol Bawi
Wangho (Big Tiger) who always wears tiger skin and Chadol Bawi (Hard Rock) fight against corrupt public officials and wicked bandits.