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[Blu-Ray]The Marines Who Never Returned Fullslip Edition (Booklet in English, Korean)

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Special Feature

- Commentary Cho Jun-hyoung(Korean Film Archive) Huh Nam-woong(Film Critic)
- DVD Commentary Ver. Commentary by Choi Dong-hoon (Film Director), Ju Sung-chul (Journalist)
- Unreleased Footage
- Digital Restoration : Before & After
- Image Gallery

Additional information

This Film describes the brutality of war, human being\'s basic instinct facing death, and moving friendship of war buddies through the story of a division of a martin corps who won in fighting with Chinese army but is dying. The members of a division lived in same village Jung Won-Ju, An Hyeong-Min, Dong-Hyeok, hostess Jung, In-Suk, a division officer. Kang Dae-Shik and Ha-sung are mostly dead by Chinese army\'s attack to be a Marine Corps who never returns. However, only An Hyong-Bin is sent back and return to the arms of Cha Sun-Yeong, a nurse officer and his lover.