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[Blu-Ray]Epitaph Fullslip Limited Edition (The On Series No.34)

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  • Publisher : The On
  • Year : 2007


Special Feature

- Audio Commentary
- Deleted Scene
- Interview of Director
- Interview of Cast
- Interview of Art Department Director
- Making Film
- Conti
- FAKE Docu
- Premier
- Art Set
- Trailer & TV Spot

Additional information

Browsing an old photo book in 1979, Park Jeong-nam travels back with his memories to 1942, when Korea was occupied by Japan, when he was a young and immature intern doctor in Anseong Hospital. During those four days, strange events will happen, when corpses brought to the mortuary aren't able to rest in piece.

Three intertwined stories follow, starting in reverse order:

One: While awaiting for his bride-to-be to arrive from Japan,Jeong-nam is fascinated by a recently diseased young woman. He spends time near the corpse in the morgue and draws her face. It's then time for the diseased to return his appreciation.

Two: Asako is a young girl who was the only survivor of a car accident which killed all her family. She doesn't speak and apparents to be in a state of shock, but what the doctors can't see is that she's drowning in guilt and being visited by the ghost of her mother.

Three: Serial killings of Japanese soldiers continue and a married couple, Kim Dong-won and Kim In-yeong, both surgeons, are involved in the autopsies. Meanwhile, Dong-won finds out that his wife has no shadow, and that the killer is much nearer than he could possibly imagine.