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[Blu-Ray]Bungee Jumping Of Their Own Plain Edition

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Special Feature

김대승 감독 인터뷰
극장 예고편 (1분 40초)
뮤직비디오 (2분 12초)
Waltz 2 from Jazz Suite (3분 41초)
메이킹 다큐멘터리
대본 연습 (2분 45초)
비오는 날의 만남 (5분 28초)
버스정류장에서 (6분 4초)
태희에게 마법을 걸다 (4분 59초)
해변에서 왈츠 (2분 59초)
여기에서 뛰어내린다면 (6분 5초)
숟가락 (1분 54초)
태희의 라이터 (5분 9초)
비에 젖은 둘 (15분 24초)
꼭 기다려줘 (2분 41초)
너희들을 믿고있어 (3분 35초)
너를 느끼기에 (6분 23초)
여행길에 오르다 (1분 42초)
화보촬영 (2분 47초)
인터뷰 (12분 34초)

Additional information

The summer of 1983.SEO In-woo has not believed in love and fate,but he
falls in love with IN Tae-hee at first sight. However farewell comes
unexpectedly just as his love came before.In-woo is waiting for Tae-hee at
the platform where he is supposed to leave for his military service.But Tae-
hee doesn't arrive up until the very last.

17 years later.In-woo has forgotten Tae-hee and married another woman.
Now he has become a high school teacher. However love hits him again,
and the object of his love is his 17 year-old male pupil, named LIM Hyun-
bin. He can't accept his emotion at first, but he feels the IN Tae-hee of 17
years ago from Hyun-bin's every action. Her unique curiosity, peculiar habits
and especially the lighter of 17 years ago which Tae-hee made!