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[DVD]YMCA Baseball Team - Limited Edition

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Special Feature

Limited Edition : 2disc DVD + Conti-Book
- Making Film
- Production Note
- Cast Interview
- Crew Interview
- Art Gallery
- Still Gallery
- Trailer/TV SPOT
- Storyboard
- Interview with Netizen
- Location

Additional information

Ho-chang is a late Joseon Dynasty scholar who likes sports more than
studying. However, he loses his only dream when the state civil service
examination is abolished and lives in despair. His brother leaves home to
become a member of the loyal troops in the cause of justice out of animosity
towards the society. Ho-chang's father is forced out of his government post
by the reformist party and runs a private school. One day, Ho-chang sees
that a Westernized Korean woman, Jeong-rim, playing baseball with some
missionaries at the YMCA hall. He becomes interested in baseball and
Jeong-rim. Ho-chang's father urges him to inherit the private village school
but Ho-chang only grows his love towards Jeong-rim and the game of new
civilization: baseball. He and his best friend Gwang-tae, Dae-hyeon who
studied in Japan, and Jeong-rim form Joseon's first baseball team.
The "YMCA Baseball Team" becomes the top baseball team, never losing a
game and is loved by the Hwang-seong citizens. Meanwhile, Joseon is
forced to sign the Eulsa Protectorate Treaty with Japan. Being totally
indignant upon hearing the news, Jeong-rim's father kills himself. After the
Eulsa treaty, the YMCA baseball team's practice field becomes Japanese
soldier's post. The offended YMCA baseball team players have the first
match against Japan's club team, the Seongnam Club. However, the day
before the game, Dae-hyeon, the pitcher, attempts to terrorize the pro-
Japanese party and is instead injured. He does a horrible job after all. Ho-
chang, as well, cannot display his full potential because he is trying to avoid
the eyes of his father on the stadium. His father has found his son's baseball
uniform washed and hung on the wash line. The YMCA baseball team is
defeated by the Japanese team. Dae-hyeon, the team's captain, asks
Japan's captain, Gachunori for a rematch. However, now that the Japan
team gets the whole picture as to who was behind the previous night's terror
attack, Dae-hyeon and Jeong-rim are chased by the Japanese army. The
YMCA baseball team breaks up. Disappointed, Ho-chang follows his father
back to their hometown and helps with the private school work.