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[DVD]Crazy First Love (Re-release)

List Price : US $ 30.01

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Special Feature

- Introduction
- Paper Toys
- Preview
- Funny words
- Production starts
- Best scenes
- Busan dialects
- Animated movie
- Best soundtrack score

Additional information

The movie revolves around clever high school student Tae-il who is only
interested in marrying his first love Il-mae. However, as much as he begs
and argues, all his teacher and Il-mae's father urge him to do is get good
results at his exams. Tae-il is really determined and finally manages to
study law at the Seoul University. Yet, before he can blink Il-mae's father
also requests him to pass his bar exam. And there 's one big problem this
time, which is Il-mae would rather go out on dates with Tae-il than watch
him pondering over his books …