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[DVD]Piagol (1955) : Korean Film Archive Series (+Guide book)

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Special Feature

DVD + English / Korean Guide book

About Piagol
About Director : Photo Documentary
Cast & Crew
About Korean Film Archive

Additional information

After the armistice a military unit led by a person nicknamed "Agari" (Le Ye-
chun) commits all the wrong-doings in Jiri Mountain. Cheol-su (Kim Jin-
gyu), who sick and tired of communism, is loved by cold-minded Ae-ran
(No Gyeong-hui), who is committed to her party. One day So-ju, a female
agent who was relocated to another camp, comes to Piagol with her
shoulder wounded. Man-su (Heo Jang-gang) rapes her and she dies while
being raped. Man-su kills his communist peer to hide his sin, and makes
Dal-seok responsible for all his wrong-doings, He later also kills Dal-seok.
All the communist troupes are about to be killed due to a government
crackdown. Ae-ran and Cheol-su abhor living in the mountain and plan to
free themselves from being communists, but their conversation is overheard
by Agari. Agari kills Cheol-su during a quarrel. Ae-ran at last kills Agari, and
descends the mountain alone.